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December 6, 2009

De Dana Dan: The Throbbing Sound in Your Head

Priyadarshan reunites the ‘Herapheri’ team in De Dana Dan, hoping to make an impact after his past few films failed to find significant successes. De Dana Dan’s story is the regular tale of confusion that Priyan has churned out in the past as well.

Unlucky Nitin (Akshay Kumar) and Ram (Suneil Shetty) are low on cash and survive on the largesse of their girlfriends Anjali (Katrina Kaif) and Manpreet (Sameera Reddy) who claim to be with them till the end of time, but chicken out when it comes to marrying the guys. To get money, the duo decides to kidnap the dog of Archana Puran Singh (Akshay’s boss). Through a twist of fate, Archana thinks Akshay’s been kidnapped. With the regular sub-plots, the story culminates in a deluge of water in a hotel with the entire cast trapped in it.

The story is only funny in small parts, and does not leave an impact. One gets the feeling that if the multitude of sub-plots was lesser, it could probably have been funnier. As It stands, the movie is at least half an hour too long and the audience will suffer from boredom.

Priyadarshan fails to lift the hackneyed script with his direction, resorting to his age old tactics to try and make the audience laugh. But those practices can only get you so far. This is a disappointing effort from the veteran. He seriously needs to bring some freshness into his comedies.

Akshay Kumar as Nitin is one of the most sincere acts in this movie, but is hampered by two aspects: lack of screen time and stock expressions. Akshay keeps making the silly faces that worked earlier, but look stale now. Suneil Shetty tries hard and puts in a decent performance. Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy have nothing more to do than be eye candy. Paresh Rawal is not funny here. There is a lack of scope for the veteran in this movie. Due to the movie having a huge number of actors, no one gets enough time to leave an impact. Rajpal Yadav, Asrani and Mohan Joshi are all wasted.

Pritam’s score disappoints, with only the Usher-inspired ‘Paisa’ and the melodious ‘U and I’ leaving an impact. A minimalistic background score helps by not interrupting the flow of the movie. The locales of Singapore are pictured well and look beautiful. The choreography and setting of ‘Paisa’ are pretty innovative.
Final Verdict: I wish the editor had stepped in and cut out at least half an hour of this bloated film. Watching it will not tell you what a comedy is. Give it a miss.  I give it 2 out of 5.


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