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December 20, 2009

Up: Floating

‘Up’ is the latest movie from the Pixar stables.

Mr. Frederickson, an aging widower, fulfils his lifelong promise to his wife of flying to South America by attaching helium balloons to his house and taking off, after his home is in danger of being torn down. His adventures in the Amazon constitute the story of ‘Up’.

It’s a refreshing plot about one’s dreams, but there is one jarring note. Why is Mr. Frederickson’s idol shown to be the bad guy? He’s not trying anything illegal. That note, and the subsequent storyline that stems from it, took away the charm for me.

The visuals of the movie were refreshing. The wide, flowing waterfalls; the wildlife of the Amazon, it all contributes to the larger-than-usual canvas of ‘Up’.

The voice acting by the cast is extremely good. The dogs, the eagerness in the kid, the sinisterness in Mr. Frederickson’s idol’s voice comes out beautifully.

Final Verdict: ‘Up’ is an interesting concept handled very well. The jarring note about the idol aside, the movie keeps you engrossed thoroughly. 3.5 out of 5.


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